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BRUSSELS, Jun-25-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — There is evidence that points to the possibility that up to 88.000 Schengen visas and an unknown number of medical visas have been illegally sold without proper checks in a country where ISIS-terrorists are active.

Meet Mr. IVAN GRECH MINTOFF who recently presented evidence to the Maltese courts of a far-reaching scandal involving political appointees in the Maltese Prime Minister’s office sold Schengen and medical visas to Libyans illicitly.

Mr. Grech Mintoff’s testimony continues the work of recent murder of the anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta. The scandal points to high-level political direct involvement in visa trade and human trafficking, that could undermine public trust in the Schengen visa system and potentially threaten European security arrangements.

Also present will be a number of MEPs that demand an investigation.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Tony Blair Rewards $14.95 a Month to Middle Class in New labour Government Rhetoric

Trying to raise the veil of ignorance surrounding the Blair rewards program is quite a mystery and requires significant data collection, statistical analysis, and number crunching. Based on significant time and energy to determine the net cost for the middle class, it has been established that Blair rewards cost the average middle class family $14.95 a month.

The blairrewards received notice as Tony Blair continued to promote politicians by rewarding them for self-serving actions. The Blair rewards program was deployed as a means to achieve additional political power and incentivize individual politicians to side with Tony Blair in order to further their careers. Naturally, this type of political lobbying is somewhat commonplace in our society, no matter how unfortunate it may be.

The new Labour Government and many individuals get caught in the confusion. When there is confusion, there is a profit to be made. The Blair rewards program has profited Tony Blair considerably. In return for his greater locus of control and promotion of war, he has received a generous token position with JP Morgan for millions of dollars a year.

By researching the Blair rewards program it has come to light that the ramifications of blair rewards is $14.95 a month (8.89 GBP) for the middle class. From all of the confusion and settling of dust surrounding the stratagem deployed by Tony Blair the cost is finally put into terms that one can understand. The average family no longer gets rewards of $14.95 a month because they were left behind by the conservative party.

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Tony Blair Rewards from JP Morgan Chase and U.S Circuit Lectures Tops $2 Million Annually

The notable Blair rewards program just keeps getting better. It appears that the Blair rewards goes both ways. As political officials further their careers by receiving rewards for holding the line that Tony Blair deems worthy, Tony Blair receives rewards from big business. Tony Blair received $1 million from JP Morgan Chase and $250,000 for a 45 minute speech on the United States lecture circuit.

Known as the easy saver when it comes to the Blair rewards program, Tony Blair saves and promotes political careers for politicians willing to hold the line, his line. Perhaps Blair rewards would not be considered in such a negative light by the general public if the line that he was holding made sense for the rest of the world rather than a few elite politicians selling hope and salvation, while creating destruction and despair. The result is so much power and so little idea of how to use it.

For politicians it pays to act on the interest of war. French President Jacques Chirac, who was against the war in the Middle East, has not reaped the benefits of lucrative circuit lectures. Apparently, his opposition and insistence on peace is of little benefit to the high dollar stakeholders and businesses in the United States. After all, without the war in Iraq it would have been difficult to raid the coffers of the United States and launder and distribute astonishingly large amount of cash though big business in the name of peace via a war on terror. The value for the ring leaders is that they get to leave office with little to no accountability and then go and collect from the businesses that benefitted from their self interested decisions.

Certainly, the Blair rewards program is taken as more of a feather in Tony Blair’s hat rather than a stain upon his name and character. As a politician trying to become elected or reelected, the easy saver would be a path of least resistance and a tempting offer to consider. This simply proves the stereotype that politicians are only interested in money and power. Too many people either did nothing or participated in the Blair rewards program, which has allowed evil to prevail.

It is unfortunate that the Blair rewards program has come full circle from the United States. As the economy is in the tank, the elite reward those who helped get us there. While many individuals have suffered as a result of self-interested decision making, Blair rewards himself with a 45 minute lecture for a fee of $250,000.

The $1 million From the Dan David Foundation, the Blair Rewards of $250 thousand for his 45 minute lecture on the U.S. Lecture Circuit and the JP Morgan Chase $1 million have sweetened the Blair kitty for retirement while the middle class gets kitty litter. This still stinks in my opinion, even if we got the kitty litter.

Bobby Blair is politically conscious individual that is intolerant of political misuse such as the blair rewards program. Issues like the blair rewards are examples of the political misuse of power and influence faced by society. Left unchallenged this type of behavior may result in compounded social problems for the world.

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Tony Blair Rewards all But Those Who Complain, Who’s The Easy Saver Now

The Blair rewards program is a brilliant illustration of the political circus. As the global climate continues to spiral into economic ruin Blair rewards continue to create controversy and mistrust of government officials. It is good to see individuals rising up to question the Blair rewards as they make a mockery of the intelligence of the populous.

Blair rewards complaints are not new; however, they are becoming more main stream, which is making it more difficult to sweep the controversy of the Blair rewards program under the rug. Several Blair rewards complaints have resulted in greater attention to the action of our public officials. Sadly, the Blair rewards program would likely not have been put under such scrutiny if it was not such a transparent program for self-promotion and self-interest.

It is as though the blair rewards program has taken a chapter from the lobbyist’s handbook of achieving one’s own self interest no matter what the cost is for other individuals. The Blair rewards complaints are likely to result in nothing more than a political slap on the wrist resulting in a bit of bad press before the next sensational story comes about for journalists to pursue. In the mean time, spinning the Blair rewards program is easily accomplished through rhetoric and various other political tactics.

Unfortunately, Blair rewards complaints are nothing more than discourse catalyzing no change or modification of behavior by politicians and the status quo. The level of openness regarding the blatant favor-seeking behavior as illustrated through the Blair rewards program should be somewhat suspicious. Like many other things in the world, it propagates a certain acceptance by the general public that politicians are not trustworthy and therefore the Blair rewards program opens the door for future politicians to simply follow suit. The general population then becomes more accepting of such practices as a result of being lulled into submission by the precedence set forth by Blair rewards.

The precedent set by the Blair rewards program is then an open ticket for more open political lobbying practices. As we move forward, the population becomes more and more desensitized to this type of behavior creating a vacuum for future misconduct. Blair rewards can be similarly described as the way businesses interact with one another. The difference is that the Blair rewards program is funded by the general public and the only stakeholder that is benefiting from the program is Tony Blair.

If the Blair rewards complaints fail to carry any consequences, then there is really no reason to change the practices. Essentially, without consequences the Blair rewards program is a program that is surrounded by only upside potential for continuing the practice. Politicians are well-accustomed to negative press and they understand that the general public is forgetful as a result of such things being so far out of their domain for understanding. It is easy for the public to forgive such actions when they place themselves in a position of thinking that the politicians must have more information at their disposal, which is justification enough for propagating such behavior.

Bobby Blair is politically conscious individual that is keen on addressing blair rewards complaints. Issues like the blair rewards program are good examples of the problems that we face as a society. Left unchallenged this type of behavior can go unmitigated and result in additional social problems for the world.

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